Digitalize the key information of your contracts. 

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Validation manager
A complex world
The volume and complexity of a company’s contract portfolio is ever increasing. If the information is not readily available, it can be very challenging and require a lot of manual work to analyze the contracts and their content. Get the Validation Manager to analyze all contracts automatically or use it to do quick technology-assisted reviews!
data review & enrichment

All contracts will be loaded in the Validation Manager with automated extraction or flagged for manual extraction. These contracts can then be assigned, reviewed and enriched by users to complete every required contracts for further actions.


Make use of the Validation Manager and its smart workflow which is designed for automated data-extraction and validation procedures. Save time and costs by replacing the lengthy and error-prone manual work of data extraction, enrichment and review with smart technology.


Rely on the Validation Manager for sophisticated access management that allows the most efficient and effective use of resources and guarantees fast and measurable results. Enable hundreds of users across the world simultaneously while restricting each individual's access as desired.

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Ease of use

Experience first hand how simple the process of data extraction and review can be by using the Validation Manager, a solution designed for an optimized experience of the user. Subsequent use of the extracted information for further analysis and reporting can be done reliably and fast due to central and uniform storage of the validated information.

Interested? We offer proof.


We offer a Proof of Concept in which you can experience the ease of use and benefits first hand, on the basis of a sample of your specific contracts and information needs. 


Proof is where the practice is. At our clients. You can download one of our examples cases below

your gain by a poc

  • Experience the ease of use by taking a look and clicking through the review and enrichment tool
  • Save valuable time and money and let technology lead the way
  • Using your custom sample of contracts results in custom results
  • Get a feeling for the final data by means of a sample export 
Need more proof? Download one of our cases to find out more!

A Dutch multinational had 20.000 contracts in scope for IFRS 16 reporting of which the leasing data was not captured in a Contract Management System. We supported the client with automated extraction and offer the validation manager for global validation. 

Example case: IFRS 16 compliance enabled by automatic data extraction and validation