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The pressure is increasing for businesses to build transparent supply chain

The demand for transparency in supply chains is increasing rapidly. Customers want to know how, where and under which conditions the products they buy are produced. In addition, more and more regulations are imposed which require better supply chain visibility. If not managed well, this growing demand for transparency will lead to ever increasing costs over time. Also, transparency can be defined in so many different ways. Thus, a structured approach to supply chain transparency is required.

Do you recognize this?

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experiencing Tension between protecting your company-specific knowledge and reaching your transparency ambitions?

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Having Problems to estimate  hidden costs of transparency?

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Pursuing The Ambition to build trust with your customers by Disclosing information about your products to create transparency?  
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Perceiving struggles to reach an understanding with your supplier on the sustainable profile of your product?
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Encountering issues to provide data about your supply chain?

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Higher level of transparency allows for better traceability, efficiency and effectiveness of the operations within the supply chain, simultaneously lowering the risk of delivery demages, future expenses and speeding information flow.


Transparency raises the product's and brand's value, building customers trust and foster sustainability activities in the supply chain.


Thanks to current technologies transparency in the supply chain is achievable for everyone!  


How to SET the right level of transparency?  

look from five different perspectives

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what your customers really want to know?


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what is required to comply to regulations?

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what are the (hidden) costs of transparency?

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what is the nature of the supply chain (complexity, number of actors)? 

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how will transparency support your
business strategy?

Let us help you

Mapping your supply chain

Supply chains become more global, structurally complex and difficult to be mapped. Our professionals know how to visualize intra-dependencies of your chain and underline interconnections between your suppliers. We will help you  to improve visibility within your chain.

Analyzing transparency costs
Cost of transparency in your supply chain are often hidden. We can help you by benchmarking costs associated with transparency with other players in your industry. We use our database of cost-indicators to provide you with a actionable analysis.

Determining what information to share

You receive a lot of data requests. Each stakeholders has its own interests. We help you develop a data sharing and data management strategy together with your customers and other stakeholders such as regulators and partners.


Advising on technology suppliers

Do you know what will be the technology used by your customers’ customer in the future? Important decisions about supply chain transparency technologies are often not made within you company. We help you to anticipate and prepare your internal approach to data management.

Assisting you and your partners in making a change

Change is often forced by external factors such as customer preferences, technological development and the regulatory framework. We work with companies that have similar challenges as yours. Our worldwide network of professional is located close to where you or your essential operations are.

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