KPMG Sofy Suite, Governance Risk and Compliance

Five GRC Solutions on one platform.

  • Find out your control objectives
  • Stay informed on which controls are executed by whom, in which timeframe and where potential issues arise
  • Monitor your risk and controls consistently
  • Continuously monitor if corporate policy is fulfilled
  • Get in control!
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Modules within the GRC solution


What is Sofy GRC?

KPMG Sofy GRC combines technology with knowledge, to provide a clear insight into complex processes and all possible improvements. Get a grip on your risk and control management. Detect fraud in an early stage, improve business performance and bring down costs.

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Why Sofy GRC?

Managing risks and organising efficient compliance processes can be challenging. Manual processes and complexities of organisational
and IT landscapes make it difficult to obtain needed results fast.

We believe that every organisation is entitled to have efficient and transparent compliance and risk management process.

Sofy digital risk solutions comprise integrated modules which help monitor risks and control activities. With a rigorous focus on control automation, risk simulation and root-cause analyses, more control assurance can be obtained with a reduced effort.

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Manage Control centrally

With the GRC Solution you manage  your control framework in one  single place. You obtain a thorough  overview of all risks, controls,  business hierarchies and overall  processes. Since the control  framework is centralised it is very  easy to maintain, especially when  multiple user groups are working  together to establish a common  understanding of applicable controls  in the organisation.

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Run Control Workflows

GRC offers a system-facilitated control execution and testing platform, which supports you in periodically sending out control tasks to the responsible users. The built-in control automation allows for further efficiency increase in the control environment. Through the increased transparency and the real-time reports, you can perform controls more efficiently, which is especially beneficial when multiple parties are involved simultaneously.
This way, inefficiencies in the risk and control environment are reduced to a minimum.

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Sofy iPad

Get Real-Time Insights

Automate your data sourcing and analysis. By frequently running checks in the background and notifying responsible users of their due controls, overall efficiency is greatly increased. Benefit from the detailed, real-time reporting by identifying and mitigating potential risks and implementing necessary controls proactively, not in
retrospect. The GRC Solution helps clients to immediately see where and why potential bottlenecks might arise and react with the help of the pre-defined built-in better practice reports by KPMG.

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GRC Benefits


Data driven risk management

Our solutions automate risk and compliance activites based on your company data. Driving your risk and compliance processes based on data driven insights helps you focus on the real business risks.


More certainty

Automated control execution provides more certainty because more data is analyzed and the controls are executed more consistently. More certainty means you can run your business with peace of mind.


Collaboration between stakeholders

Control exceptions are handled by business. Internal control and internal audit can directly collaborate around any issues or fall-out – all together in one integrated solution.


Executive level transparency

Real time board level transparency on actual compliance, control effectiveness and risk exposure.

Relevant insights with GRC

Centralise risks, manage audit activities and cultivate an efficient audit- and controle environment.
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