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KPMG’s Order to Cash. What does it mean for you?

Departments and your customers collaborate seamlessly.
Fewer mistakes in orders, contracts and invoices.
Your invoices are paid quickly and your cash flow and working capital improve. A single platform where all software, data sources and other applications converge.

End to end circle

The advantages speak for themselves

E-invoicing screenshots

Can be combined with all formats and software

Invoices can automatically be converted into every format.
From XML and CSV to Excel, PDF, TXT, UBL or Facturae. You only have to enter your preference. The same applies to all delivery channels: email, direct link, telephone, app, fax, print and even regular mail.

Reduce your DSO by more than 50%

Processing of invoices will be done faster than you thought possible. Not only will you and your customers save time, it will also improve your DSO ratio and cash position. The only thing of which there will be less is the paper, ink and stamps used.

main dashboard e-invoicing

Real-time control of your process

The order-to-cash chain touches every area within your organisation.
Our solutions gives you full control, because you will have all information in one place, which is available 24/7, due to a bespoke dashboard.

Fact sheet


Sign and process contracts in only a few minutes, even with multiple signatures.

Purchase order

Process orders and invoices without errors, due to the automation of manual work.


Reduce the number of FTEs, DSO and improve the cash position of your organisation.



Integrate payment options in invoices and use automatic reminders for prompt payment.

Credit Management

Automate collection rules and deal with disputes quickly. Stay in control with 24/7 insights.

Our solutions

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