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This version of our tool is excellent for small companies up to 250 employees. Get a grip on your innovation!
250 users
€1.750 month
€1.250 month
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Our most chosen solution with the highest value, excellent for medium and large size businesses up to 1000 employees.
1000 users
€2.250 month
€1.750 month
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An advanced platform for corporate innovation directors that want full data insight, workflow & management.
Unlimited users
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Consultancy packages

Consultancy package - light

Leverage a light version of the KPMG proven methodology of 'crowdsourced ideation'. Take advantage of experienced consultants with the use of Innovation Factory throughout the idea challenge pilot.

Custom consultancy

For bigger organisations and/or busy teams who need specific support. Our worldclass consulting can support you on project or on-going basis. Anything that ensures your value maximization.
On Request