Keep Track of your Innovation Projects Portfolio

Give Insight into all Innovation Projects

As the number of innovation projects in organisations grows, the overview of all projects gets lost.  Nobody knows which projects are running where. Even more, in larger organisations, the same innovation projects will be running at multiple locations, without knowing from each other.  Our portfolio management provides a complete overview of all innovation projects in the organisation to ensure everybody knows what’s going on. All employees can see what‘s running where and who‘s involved, so they can connect and start collaborating. 

Make Sure your Portfolio is Balanced

To ensure the organisation is on track with innovation, your innovation portfolio should cover all relevant domains and topics. The portfolio of projects should ensure a step by step creation of the future of your organization. Our portfolio analysis tools allow you to keep a grip on your portfolio. They enable to slice and dice the innovation portfolio in different ways to create insights from different perspectives so that you know where you‘re on track and where you need more projects.

Customisable reports for all innovation functions allow all managers to stay in control of the innovation activities in their units.



‘Track and trace’ your innovation initiatives

  • Overview of all innovation projects
  • All data available in other systems can be automatically incorporated and updated
  • Run different kinds of reports and analyses, like alignment of project portfolio to innovation strategy and expected return on innovation

Balance your portfolio

  • Ensure you‘re on track for the future
  • Balanced innovation portfolio
  • High return on innovation

Keep your project portfolio balanced no matter how many projects you run

As projects are stopped and new projects are started, the innovation portfolio is in constant flux. It is important to ensure that the portfolio stays balanced - to reach long term as well as short term goals, to cover all innovation domains, to touch all departments, and so on. That’s why our software has tools to slice and dice the portfolio of projects so that you can look at the portfolio from different perspectives. It helps to ensure that you always have a balanced portfolio that ensures reaching your goals.

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