Deliver Innovation Projects Faster & Better

As innovation spreads across the organisation, and even more with outsiders within the innovation  ecosystem, collaboration tools are needed to ensure innovation projects are done in an efficient  and effective way.

Turn Employees into Innovators

The innovation toolkit allows you to define your innovation approach and make that available to your innovation project teams. It not only describes the stages of your innovation funnel but also provides a complete description of all the tools and techniques you use in those stages. These can be graphical models like the business model canvas or a value proposition map or templates for a business case or a pitch presentation. You can add examples and best practices to support your innovation project teams.

These innovation tools are available as online interactive tools so that all required information is captured in one place. This helps project teams to learn from each other and avoid common mistakes.

Grow your Innovation Capital

Executing innovation projects means experimenting and building on previous efforts. It took Edison 9000 experiments to develop the light bulb. In his case, it was easy to ensure that all learnings from previous experiments were captured, as he was in a small lab and actively engaged in all experiments. 

In larger modern organisations, however, employees at different locations run innovation projects and many of them will not succeed. How then do we make sure we can use those learnings and prevent doing the same experiment again? That’s where our Innovation Toolkit comes in. It ensures that all information and learnings gathered and produced in an innovation project are captured. We call that base of knowledge your innovation capital because it provides the starting point for future innovations.



Innovation Toolkit features

  • Define your innovation approach
  • Have your online innovation manual
  • Develop innovation capabilities

Speed up your innovation process

  • Innovate faster and better
  • No wasted resources
  • Re-use what‘s already there

When you capture learnings, failures become stepping stones for success

As not all innovation projects will be a success, it is important to capture all learnings so that these will be available for later projects. Our software delivers a complete archive of all work done in all innovation projects, so new innovation projects can build on the knowledge created earlier. All projects, no matter whether they were successful or not, thus become stepping stones in the creation of your future.

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