Create Communities of Innovators

Creating the future begins with ideas. No ideas, no innovation. Crowdsourcing enables you to create more and better ideas faster. And our idea challenge methodology to run crowdsourcing challenges provides step by step instructions to make your challenge work for you.

Create Employee Engagement and Innovation Culture

All employees have ideas to improve the current way of working or how to shape the future, no matter where they work in the organisation. Employee crowdsourcing initiatives have proven to be a great way to engage employees in the creation of their own future. It is a simple yet powerfull mechanism to let everybody participate in innovation, and delivers a more innovative culture.

Grow your Innovation Ecosystem

Our platform also supports running idea challenges and other ideation initiatives both within your organisation as well as with outsiders. These can be startups, business partners, or students for example. It not only helps to create ideas that are better than the ideas you can generate on yourself, it also creates networks across organisations for future development of innovations. 




  • Submit, Vote, Enrich Anywhere
  • One-Step Idea Submission
  • Run Internal & External Challenges
  • Automatically Find & Involve Experts
  • Built-in Tools to Increase Engagement

Crowdsourcing Metrics

  • Flexible Reporting and Export
  • Crowd size
  • Crowd diversity
  • Sign up (% or #)
  • Contributor %
  • #Ideas (/Contributor)
  • Average #Enrichments / Ideas

Participation is your key to success

The main metric for crowdsourced ideation is participation, as only participants deliver value. Our software has shown to realise the highest participation levels in the industry. That’s due the ease of use of the software and the machine learning intelligence that automatically connects people with relevant knowledge to ideas they can improve.

The ideation phase ends with a structured evaluation module that allows for customized evaluations to select the most interesting and valuable ideas.

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