The benefits of Single Sign-on in your organisation

The benefits of Single Sign-on in your organisation

1 key to all locks at home, 1 badge to gain access to all office spaces and 1 password to gain access to all corporate software applications, a very convenient and easy to implement solution. Let’s zoom in on 1-password-solutions to gain access to corporate software applications, also known as Single Sign-On (SSO).

When I walk into the office I open my MacBook and login using my company password, which grants me instant access to the intranet and a number of applications that enable me to submit my hours, book meeting rooms, flights and a number of other business related applications without having to put in any credentials since I’m already authenticated to the enterprise network.

This works both for On-premise and Cloud since the solution uses several protocols (i.e. Kerberos, X.509 and SAML) and therefore makes it operate in a Hybrid IT Landscape.

Because my laptop automatically connects to the enterprise network through a secure VPN connection, working from home doesn’t change a thing. I instantly get access to all corporate applications.

I only have to remember one password to gain access to all corporate applications. This instantly decreases the amount of helpdesk tickets. According to research by Gartner, 20-50% of Helpdesk calls is related to resetting passwords. With the estimated 15 euros/call in mind, this would result in tremendous cost savings to IT.

SSO helps decreasing access risks. If users use one password to gain access to all corporate applications IT can apply password policies to make sure passwords remain secure. In addition to that the company can be sure that users that have been revoked access or left the company don’t have access to any corporate resources anymore.

Innovation Factory supports different kinds of SSO solutions, the majority of our clients already use it through ADFS, Office365, Okta and other SAML solutions. In addition to that we offer LinkedIn SSO for Open Innovation solutions.

To improve the usability even further we enable the client to pass on user details like first name, last name and every other field they have available in Active Directory, this way the user doesn’t have to supply his personal information and if the users’ marital status changes or moves to another department these are automatically updated.

In a nutshell SSO by KPMG Innovation Factory offers the ideal combination of usability, a decrease in costs, risk and a quick implementation. Learn more about how Innovation Factory can help your company, or have a look at some of our infographics, white papers and case studies.

If you’d like to know more about applying SSO in your organisation, please send an email to David Anema


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