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How Innovation Factory helped an engineering multinational optimise insights

Royal HaskoningDHV is an independent international engineering and project management consultancy, delivering services in the fields of aviation, buildings, energy, industry, infrastructure, maritime, mining, transport, urban and rural development and water. Tackling complex issues to enhance ...
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Build a stronger team with Marshmallows and Innovation Factory

To stay on top of development in an ever changing world, companies have to reach out for innovation to stay alive. To do so, collaboration is becoming increasingly important. Collaboration technologies have supported companies to be more efficient, motivated and involved during an innovation ...
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Creating an Innovation Culture

Innovation can only thrive and flourish in an organisation that has a culture that supports innovation. That is easily said, but what does that mean in practice? Let us take a look at the process of an innovator to answer that question. An innovator has an idea for something new, tries it out, and ...
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How to innovate your business model in the right way

The dilemma A lot of companies find it hard to decide on how to innovate their business model. They find it difficult to balance the efforts in incremental innovation and radical innovation. They do not know whether they should invest in new business models with startups or try to make their ...
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Akzo- Imagine Chemistry

In early June, the Imagine Chemistry 2017 Challenge, Powered by KPMG, finals drew to a close with an awards ceremony at the AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals R&D site in the Netherlands, during which ten winning start-ups were invited to collaborate with AkzoNobel further. It marked the end of one ...
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The benefits of Single Sign-on in your organisation

1 key to all locks at home, 1 badge to gain access to all office spaces and 1 password to gain access to all corporate software applications, a very convenient and easy to implement solution. Let’s zoom in on 1-password-solutions to gain access to corporate software applications, also known as ...
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The best idea could come from anywhere

Innovation has become important for many organizations. Whether it’s the threat of startups eating up business or the possibilities new technologies provide to do things more efficient and effective, organizations need to innovate to stay relevant.
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Shaking up from within

When a Victorian State Government department crowdsourced ideas from its own staff, it was inundated by a broad range of diverse and innovative suggestions all designed to improve the performance and culture of their organisation.
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Creativity and the art of curation: How do you create your own David?

There is a story that is often told to describe how the greatest work of sculpture was created. How did Michelangelo create such a magnificent work of art? Well, it was easy. He started with a block of marble and then took away everything that was not David.
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