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  • Innovation is much more than thinking and ideas
  • On how KPMG Innovation Factory can help your company
  • How to keep track of your innovation projects
  • On metrics for crowdsourcing

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Interview Han Gerrits Part 1

Interview Han Gerrits | Part 1

A world without innovation: unimaginable. Without innovation, there is no future because without innovation the world stands still. Innovation is the key to your company’s future.
Interview with Han Gerrits - Part 2

Interview Han Gerrits | Part 2

If there is a culture within an organisation where failure automatically means the end of your career, or that it is not good for your career to make mistakes, then people stop learning.
Metrics for Crowdsourcing by Han Gerrits

Metrics for Crowdsourcing

As crowdsourcing has become a mainstream alternative for innovation initiatives, best practices are emerging. Leading to structured methods that ensures crowdsourcing success.

Innovation Portfolio Management

A spreadsheet showing all innovation projects will not suffice. To create room for more innovation while keeping a good return on innovation investments, a system and methodology is needed.