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Gain innovation knowledge and skills to help grow your business. Guide your Innovation department to full maturity!

Innovation Insights

Now it is time to step up your game! You want to steer a full mature department and deliver real results. Innovation Factory's 10-Day Insights will help with getting you there.

Setting up a new team within an existing organization is not so easy. Neither is building up a new capability. Let alone the ultimate goal of creating an innovative culture. We understand these challenges.

In these 10-Day Insights we’re going to give you what we consider to be the 10 most important topics to work on:

  • Innovation culture;
  • Process and strategy;
  • Team structure;
  • Ideation from trends and markets to open innovation;
  • Skills, experience and operational execution;
  • Platform and tools;
  • Involvement and leadership;
  • Measurability and Innovation KPI's;
  • Knowledge management;
  • Budget control.

All you have to do is sign up, and from the first following working day - for 10 working days in a row - you'll receive easily digestible insights. Within half an hour per day, you'll get daily updates on each topic mentioned above.

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