Source & develop innovative ideas
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Innovation Factory's online platform enables organisations to collect and validate ideas from a large number of people. Use our tools to turn the best ones into high-value products and services.

  • Source ideas from complementary minds 
  • Guide your company through the innovation process 
  • Improve the ROI on innovation projects
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The Innovation Factory platform modules

Innovation Factory - icon-people-purple - crowdsourced ideation
Innovation Factory - icon-people-white -Crowdsourced ideation
Crowdsourced ideation
Innovation Factory - icon-toolkit-purple - From idea to reality
Innovation Factory - icon-toolkit-white - From idea to reality
From idea to reality
Innovation Factory - icon-portfolio-purple - Portfolio management
Innovation Factory - icon-portfolio-white -Portfolio management
Portfolio management

Innovation Factory makes innovation available to all layers in- and outside your organisation. The easy-to-use software enables everyone to come up with ideas and interact with each other’s suggestions. AI and text-mining enable you to validate them and convert the best ones into innovation projects more efficiently. Together we create an inspiring innovation culture, in which everyone can think along. Learn more about creating an innovation culture.

By creating an Innovation Challenge, a goal, a deadline, evaluation criteria and an optional reward – which will all guide the ideation process – are also defined. Thoughts and efforts are effectively streamlined to optimise the output in terms of quality and development speed of new ideas. Incentivise contributions by adding rewards. 

Valuable ideas may originate anywhere, so think beyond the people you work with directly. Unknown co-workers, suppliers, customers and even end-users in the supply chain are just as likely to come up with highly valuable ideas as your innovation department. Innovation Factory will help make your innovation ecosystem a durable and healthy ecosystem that keeps supplying you with fresh ideas.

  • Create high-value idea’s quickly
  • Build an innovation culture
  • Increase your employee engagement

A fruitful innovation ecosystem and culture will bring you many ideas. Selecting the ideas for your organisation that are worth your time, effort and investments is not easy. KPMG Innovation Factory’s Collaboration Zone and integrated toolkits foster the conversion of ideas into concepts. This enables your organisation to drive project execution efficiently and systematically. 

  • Make employees innovators
  • Align your strategy with innovation
  • Drive project acceleration

Endless opportunities to innovate create an endless number of possible innovation processes. Innovation Factory allows you to build and use the Innovation Funnel that serves the needs of your organisation best; it facilitates transparency and enables you to define project metrics that align with your strategy. An integrated audit trail lets you monitor the labour and resource utilisation of each project. Learn how engineering multinational Royal Haskoning uses the funnel to bundle their expertise, efforts, and focus.

As the number of current and historical innovation projects in organisations grows, it becomes more difficult to maintain an overview of projects and lessons learned. KPMG Innovation Factory keeps a collective memory of all these projects, ensuring no resources are spent on ideas that are similar to unsuccessful historical projects. Additionally, successful projects are shown on the  Wall of Recognition. Learning from failures and successes drives a true culture of innovation. Learn how to get a grip on portfolio management.

  • Streamline the innovation process
  • Keep track of all project progress
  • Improve your decision-making for a high ROI

No organisation has access to an unlimited amount of resources. The integrated portfolio dashboard provides an overview of all current innovation projects and related project metrics as defined in the Innovation Funnel. The portfolio dashboard can be used by an assigned Stage-Gate Committee to determine the allocation of resources. Hence, the return-on-investment of projects is optimised. 

Innovate to survive

It does not matter whether you are a small or a big organization; the world around you is constantly changing. Your organization must innovate to be better than your competition in these ever changing conditions. Streamlining diverse perspectives across borders and disciplines into collaborative thinking ensures the creation of ideas that will help your organization to stay on top.

Get your employees on board

The Innovation Factory platform facilitates collaboration, structures the innovation process and measures the costs and benefits of each project. Participants can be grouped according to areas of interest and are encouraged through gamification to explore and contribute to different innovation challenges.

Tailor the software to your needs

Whatever your size, sector or innovation goal, our platform is designed to meet your needs thanks to 100% customisable tools plus optional components. From a one-off open innovation challenge for end-users, to an ongoing internal facility to drive an innovative mindset for employees across geographies, Innovation Factory covers it all.

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Helping a global project manager manage its ideas

Royal Haskoning DHV is the project manager behind Mexico City’s new international airport and the 55-kilometre Hong Kong to Macau bridge. It specialises in finding innovative solutions for its customers. Managing those insights internally proved difficult: projects were duplicated and best practices not shared.

Thanks to Innovation Factory’s innovation funnel, the engineering multinational now has clear oversight of all of its ideas and can extract maximum value from them.