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Innovation is about creating the future, whether it is the future for your business unit, your organisation or for society at large. We all are faced with innovation challenges. Challenges like finding new ways to a lower CO2 emissions, to become more sustainable, to fight obesitas and create a better healthcare, to fight poverty and create welfare for all of us. All of these challenges are multi-faceted and can only be tackled by bringing people together from different disciplines to collaboratively develop new ideas for a brighter future.

Our online platform supports you to create your future. It enables you to invite a large diversity of participants that can collaborate across boundaries and it ensures that all relevant expertise and knowledge is available. That will enable you to create the future better, faster and cheaper.

Helping a global project manager manage its ideas 

Royal Haskoning DHV is the project manager behind Mexico City’s new international airport and the 55-kilometre Hong Kong to Macau bridge. It specialises in finding innovative solutions for its customers. Managing those insights internally proved difficult: projects were duplicated and best practices not shared.

Thanks to Innovation Factory’s innovation funnel, the engineering multinational now has clear oversight of all of its ideas and can extract maximum value from them.


Get connected!

The world is rapidly changing into a networked society. The challenges we face are increasingly complex. Luckily, the network allows you to connect all the bright brains to come up with ideas that you couldn’t imagine alone.


Our Innovation Platform

Crowdsourcing of Ideas

  • Ideas are the starting point for innovation - no ideas, no innovation. Crowdsourcing enables you to create more and better ideas faster. All employees, no matter where they work in the organisation, have ideas to improve the current way of working or how to shape the future. Even more, engaging employees in ideation creates buy in for the implementation of ideas and delivers a more innovative culture.
  • Whether is is with business partners like suppliers, startups, or universities, collaborative ideation has become a proven practice. Innovation Factory allows you to create an online collaborative ideation environment that creates value for all participants.
  • Our idea challenge methodology to run crowdsourcing challenges provides step by step instructions to make your challenge work for you.

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Portfolio Management

  • As the number of innovation projects in organisations grows, the overview of all projects gets lost. Nobody knows which projects are running where. Even more, in larger organisations the same innovation projects will be running at multiple locations, without knowing from each other. 
    Portfolio management provides a complete overview of all innovation projects in the organisation to ensure everybody knows what’s going on.
  • To ensure the organisation is on track with innovation, your innovation portfolio should cover all relevant domains and topics. Portfolio management allows you to slice and dice the project portfolio to make certain your portfolio is balanced and will create your future.
  • Customisable reports for all innovation functions allow all managers to stay in control of their innovation activities and ensure high return on innovation.

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Innovation Toolkit

  • As innovation spreads across the organisation, and even more with outsiders within the innovation ecosystem, collaboration tools are needed to ensure innovation projects are done in an efficient and effective way. 
  • The innovation toolkit allows to define your innovation approach and make that available to your innovation project teams. Not only as an online manual, but as online interactive tools where project teams can collaborate together. It helps project teams to learn from each other and avoid common mistakes.
  • Having a complete project file online ensure that all project data is captured, alsop from projects that are stopped early. Even more, all learnings of the projects are captured too, to ensure the organisation -not individuals alone!- learn from all projects to create the future faster.

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