GDPR Insight: one software solution for all your GDPR obligations 

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Compliant in 5 steps
1.   Scanning and indexing of all data
GDPR Insight scans and indexes all personal data in your IT environment. Both in structured data and in unstructured data, such as; e-mails, cloud, database applications and fileshares.
2.   Privacy-issues detection and classification

Based on intelligent algorithms, the GDPR tool is capable of detecting and classifying privacy issues at risk level. This allows you to solve all issues quickly and accurately yourself or assign them to responsible parties.

3.   Detection of unauthorized data processing 

Thanks to GDPR Insight, you can easily generate a data inventory. If you already have a register, you can import it at the touch of a button. From now on, the data leak detection automatically detects when personal data are processed differently than described in your register.

4.   Search functionality and the data subjects requests

The privacy software creates a personal card with all data of a data subject. If, for example, you receive a request for oblivion or rectification, you can consult such a map immediately thanks to the search function.

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5.   Dashboard

Who, what, where, when and how: the dashboard of GDPR Insight provides a detailed picture of the (processing of) personal data and issues. So you have one central location to continuously monitor your compliance. And you can convincingly prove that you are in control.

GDPR Insight: solutions 


Data inventory

Easily set up a registry of processing activities, or import your existing register. The data leak detection of GDPR Insight then automatically detects when data are processed differently than described.


data subject requests

Thanks to the personal cards and useful search function, you immediately have all the personal details of a data subject at hand. So you can easily handle requests for oblivion, access, rectification, data portability, limitation of processing and objection.


data breaches

The data leak detection automatically detects when data is processed differently than described in your register of processing activities. This means you are immediately aware of data leaks or omissions in your register.

Data protection impact assessment

Thanks to our GDPR compliance software you understand what data you process, in what way and what the risks are. It serves you so that you can map the privacy risks prior to your data processing.

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