A chatbot platform with all the answers for your organisation

Chatbots can quickly and accurately solve issues for you and your organisation 24/7/365. Make all your company interactions smarter with Digital Advisor. KPMG's Digital Advisor is:


  • Easy to use
  • For company projects of any size
  • Powered by the markets best A.I technologies 



Chatbot technology changes organisations

With the emergence of bot-engines, language understanding, voice-to-speech APIs and cognitive services, many organisations are implementing chatbots and virtual assistants. These add value to the daily processes involving employees and customers, in all facets of organisations.

Take control and increase your value

It is becoming increasingly difficult for organisations to use this technology effectively. Developing, managing, training and improving chatbot conversations on a large scale requires new skills. With the arrival of the KPMG Digital Advisor, we make managing chatbot interactions easier than ever.

What if chatbots could work together

How Digital Advisor will result in quick savings for your organisation

Digital Advisor made for business user

Made for the business user

Convenience is paramount with Digital Advisor. Your employees can develop, integrate and launch chatbots themselves without programming. In this way they develop the skills that will be essential in the technological future.

Make your company smarter

Digital Advisor lets you manage multiple chatbots, reuse knowledge, link services and data sources, and manage user rights. You also obtain data insights that help your organisation to further improve user interactions and increase value.

Digital Advisor makes your company smarter
Digital Advisor Kies niet voor een oplossing

Do not choose just one solution

Digital Advisor uses the best cognitive services in the market (IBM, Google, Amazon & Microsoft) and allows the user to select which elements to use. Built in the cloud, Digital Advisor is designed for global scalability within your organisation.

Below are some examples of how our chatbot platform can be used to add value within your organisation

Customer support and IT support

Save costs and optimise user satisfaction through smart automation of (complex) questions and interactions.

HR & eLearning

Provide your employees with access to a new form of knowledge-sharing and thereby increase convenience, quality and employee satisfaction.

Sales enablement

Help your sales organisation to better assess new customers and thereby improve the effectiveness of your sales pipeline.

Financial analytics

Provide your organisation with insights into your current financial status through new channels and thereby support faster and better decisions.

Your use-case

In addition to these examples, Digital Advisor also helps you with other user challenges in multiple areas. Contact us for more information on the possibilities.

Our other solutions

If you have any questions, let us know and we will reach out!

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