Remote monitoring is problematic for multinationals

May 15, 2019

A multinational’s headquarters can be compared to a lighthouse. Thanks to its revolving beam of light, the lighthouse sees all the company’s branches, but the beam can’t shine in every direction at once. Which is a problem, especially for access management. How can you limit business risks if you lack the tools to constantly monitor thousands of roles and rights?

Organisations that operate internationally tend to have many centralised systems. Whether you work in Amsterdam, Hong Kong or Dubai, you use the same systems. But what happens when it comes to sales, for instance? Then things might be different. Remote branches have their own sales systems, designed to better meet local needs and practices.


That is where the view from head office, often thousands of kilometres away, becomes more diffuse. Exactly who has access to the sales system? Who manages the price agreements? When a company doesn’t have a clear view, it often takes decisions driven by feelings and trust.

Which, in our experience, is unwise. Do you know how often we discover users with access rights they shouldn’t have? And it’s unnecessary, too. Because you need extra investment in expensive manpower to get the up-to-date insights you need. The Sofy Suite Access Control Monitoring tool – which is largely automated – gives large organisations the tooling they need to keep a finger on the pulse. Sofy Access Management provides real-time insight into all of the defined roles and user rights issued to your employees at all locations. And automatically detects job separation conflicts.

Cross system scanning

Multinationals already using Sofy Suite are particularly impressed by the ground-breaking possibilities for cross systems scanning. The IT landscape of large organisations consists of multiple systems: CRM, deliveries, accounting, HR, you name it. Sofy Access Management continually scans all these silos, makes connections and filters out (potential) conflicts regarding access rights. The solution also makes ‘audit trail’ reports available to the Security Officer when someone operates as a ‘fire fighter’ within a system.
With Sofy Access Management, head office has insight into the rights of all employees worldwide from one clear dashboard. But sometimes the beam doesn’t need to shine very far. The manager in the next-door office left two weeks ago, but still has access rights because the HR department hasn’t told IT he’s gone. The lighthouse had, of course, been shining its beam in the opposite direction.
With Sofy Access Management, that lighthouse beam shines everywhere at all times, allowing organisations to implement access management based on facts, rather than feelings.

Tony Kanters, Senior Manager bij KPMG Sofy Suite