KPMG Digital Advisor platform nominated for award

July 29, 2019
Len Debets

KPMG’s Smart Tech Solutions have been nominated for the 2019 Computable Awards. I am proud to announce that we are finalists in the SaaS supplier of the year category for our Digital Advisor platform.
Dutch tech magazine Computable cited these main reasons that Digital Advisor stands out:

  • Speed of delivery and ease of use due to low code approach
  • Supports Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft ML with no lock-in
  • Facilitates integrated network of bots across an organisation

Thanks to these qualities, the Digital Advisor offers customers essential advantages when building and managing digital assistants and chatbots. The employees who will work side-by-side with the bots – rather than tech experts – can build and manage them, so there is no bottleneck at IT. Customers are free to switch between ML engines at any time and they have access to the best tools as curated by our experts.

Download White paper The rise of Chatbots and virtual assistants

It is an honour to be nominated for these, the Netherlands’ most prestigious IT awards. Now, we want to win – and we need you to help us do that! Half of the points to decide the winner will be awarded according to the number of votes we get from the public. (The other half is awarded by a panel of expert judges.) That’s why we are looking to gather as many votes as possible among our customers, readers and other stakeholders!

Voting is now open.

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The deadline to vote is Sunday October 6 and the winners will be announced at the Beatrix Theatre in Utrecht on Tuesday October 29.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us