Mar 6, 2018
Why any Tax Manager should be focusing on data

Have you ever stopped to think what your role as a Tax Manager will look like five years from now? And if you've already formed a picture, does that picture please you? In my case, it does. For the tax industry is becoming more versatile, interesting and more important to any organisation. As a consequence, you will have to become an expert on the opportunities of data and technology.

Feb 7, 2018
Does the modern CFO have a split personality?

Omni-channel, superconvenient and lightning-speed service; the needs of today's customer are clear. Efficiency, productivity and cost-savings; management of organisations more often than not know how to put their agendas into words as well. The modern CFO is charged with the task of meeting all of these requirements. Steady progress in backoffice process automation must be ensured while facilitating innovation at the organisation's front, all at the same time. Is the modern CFO required to have a split personality in order to facilitate this process?