Your roadmap to digital invoice processing

  • Prepared for XML/UBL
  • More decisive due to digitalisation
  • Faster cash conversion

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Accounts Payable automation from KPMG. What does it for you?

Forget PDF and manual data entry.
Embrace full digitalisation of your invoice processing.
Including a complaint archive.
With AP you automate the validation by the AI OCR scanner and your administration will become ‘error resistant’.

Advantages of KPMG’s Accounts Payable

optimizing waves

Increase the productivity of your personnel by a multiple of five.

Increase the productivity of your personnel by a multiple of five.
By connecting our software solutions to our knowledge of your core processes, the productivity of your personnel will increase stratospherically and you will obtain 24/7 insight.

Step by step: full, smart digitalisation of your invoicing

Automated routing of invoices. Seamless processing of every e-invoice format. Translate PDF invoices into e-invoices at line level. AI-activated OCR verification – result: 99% accuracy.

Purchase to Pay digital invoice
Purchase to Pay robot

Multi talented accounting robot

Executes 40+ different automated actions. Automates the complete three-way matching by combining order, contract and ERP data. This and much more is done by the robot in the cloud i.e. without impacting your existing IT environment.

Fact sheet


Selection & qualification of suppliers, efficient distribution of RFX.


Complete control of your purchasing and control of your obligations.


Every invoice is digital, XML/UBL, productivity is five times better.

Expense Analysis

24/7 insight due to the full dashboard. Understand your organisation’s expenses, e.g. by category.

Contract Management

Overview of contracts. Effective with new agreements, efficient in the follow-up.

Our solutions

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