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With changing EU regulations and the current technological possibilities it is time start with electronic invoicing. Although the benefits are clear, it is not a natural transition for most organizations. What are the aspects to be considered and how does this influence the current processes and IT landscape. Read more about these themes and on how to tackle the challenges in our whitepaper.  

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E-invoicing, the perfect start for your finance transformation

E-invoicing is just the beginning of technological changes to come within your finance organization. Soon, organizations will have to deal with e-accounting, e-audit and e-ledger(s). These changes can be dealt with on an issue-by-issue basis, or as part of a conjoint finance transformation.

Dealing with incoming and outgoing invoices is a crucial part of your finance organization. Therefore, E-invoicing will have a significant impact on your purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash processes.

As a consequence, we strongly suggest you to take the broader perspective on your finance organization. This is the moment to improve your  cash-flow and minimize the days sales outstanding (DSO). Moreover, this is the moment to start with robotics in your accounts payable process.

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